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In the spring we will arrange different daily trips from Side every second Friday. Through these trips you will be able to discover different places in the local region.

Contact us for further information about the trips.



Visit the ancient city of Aspendos, with the best preserved Roman Amphitheatre in Turkey. Discover the beauty of the small Zeytintaşı cave with amazing cave formations and thousands of soda straws. Drive through the stunning natural beauty of the mountain villages and have lunch by the Uçansu waterfall.


The Lycian Way is the most famous walking trail in Turkey and one of the most beautiful long distance walks in the world.  You walk through the ancient region of Lycia on a spectacular coastal trail. Lycia is the historical name of the western part of the Mediterranean coast in Turkey. This is an area where the mountains rise steeply from the sea covedered by pine and juniper forrests. On this daytrip we will take you to the beautiful bay of Adrasan. From here we will enjoy one of the most popular walks on the Lycian Way – the walk to the Gelidonya Lighthouse. This is a day to enjoy walking in the most stunning nature and to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean spring.


Join our local expert Archeologist for a 3 hour guided tour of one of the most regarded classical ancient cities in Turkey, Side. This experience is a unique way to see the ancient Greek porttown of Side situated on a peninsula in the middle of an ancient Phamphylian city. On your historical journey around the ruins you will find from the Hellenistic and Roman period. The guide walks you through the ruins and explores the Roman theatre, the temple of Apollo, the Roman baths, the Agora, the city walls and much more.
Archeologists have been working in this area since the late 50s and the relics from theses excavations are exhibited in the Side Museum, in a perfectly restored Roman bath. After exploring the ancient ruins the guide walks you through to the harbour, the perfect place for a drink while you enjoy the beautiful sunset over the sea with the backdrop of those mighty Taurus mountains


Explore the world with you own two feet. Be a part of the nature and experience serene landscapes away from the crowds. Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy the nature and a country. Our region offers a spectacular scenery combined with historical and cultural treasures. Wander in quiet pine forrests, swim in lakes and rivers, climb the Taurus Mountains, explore old ruins and ancient cities and enjoy the amazing views from the mountain peaks. On thıs daytrip we visit the acient city of Selge before we start hiking from Selge through the beautiful national park visiting the area called Adamkayalar (Human stones). The hike takes approximately two hours and is an easy walk in stunning nature. After the walk we make a stop for lunch by Köprüçay River with time for a refreshing swim.


Visit the ancient city of Termessos hidden high up in the Taurus mountains and enjoy the spectacular view from the ancient theatre. Explore the national park with a number of rare plant species and stunning panoramic views from the mountains. The ruins are high up in the mountains and the last part of the road is by foot, a 15-20 minutes walk and although a bit tiring when we get to the top it is most definitely worth it. The theatre is considered to be the most ideally situated ancient building in Turkey, and all the ruins are embedded in the national park surrounded by beautiful pine forest. Many rare plant species can be found in this national park and Termessos is a candidate for UNESCO’s world heritage list. After Termessos we visit the great archeology museum in Antalya and stroll in the narrow streets of the old town to the famous Antalya harbour and enjoy the ambience of the street cafes and restaurants.


Delight in the beautiful nature of the Köprülü Canyon National Park. Take stunning photos with the view of the Tazi Canyon and if you are brave enough, jump into the ice cold waters of the Köprücay River. Turkey has plenty of mountains and rivers perfect for river rafting. One of the best choices is the beautiful Köprücay River in the region of Manavgat. Together with the adrenaline you will enjoy the spectacular view over the Taurus Mountains. At the same time you will have the chance to see historical sites. The river flows near historical aqueducts, bridges and roads from the Roman period. Köprücay River follows a 120 km course through the Taurus Mountains. This is a beautiful national park. Köprülü Canyon is 14 km long and has got up to 100 meter high rock walls. Despite of the wildness of the nature the rafting is good for beginners as it is rated class 1 and class 2. Rafting here is possible for everyone over 9 years old who hasn’t got any serious health problems. The rafting trip is 14 kilometer. After half of the way you will stop by the riverside for a delicious lunch.


Our first stop will be at the Kursunlu waterfall national park. An unique natural oasis, where a cascade connecting seven clear water ponds falls over an 18-metre height waterfall against a backdrop of pure nature. We take a short scenic walk along the nature path with a pit stop for a tea/coffee in the beautiful national park surroundings. Continuing on the Isparta road we head towards Sagalassos. On the way making time for a photo break by the beautiful dam lake Karacaören. Next stop, Sagalassos. This has to be one of our favourite ancient cities in Turkey and you will soon discover why. Hidden high up in the mountains 7 km from the small town of Aglasun, Sgalassos is on the UNESCO tentative heritage list. Sagalassos İs a unique place in terms of the quality and quantity of buildings, artefacts and all other material remains. Sagalassos is a large ancient city where we allow at least two hours exploration time before driving down to the small town of Aglasun for lunch in a quaint local restaurant.


A day of exploration high up in the Taurus Mountains to experience the stunning mountain nature, see part of the old silk road and life in the traditional villages with historical houses and visit by raft, a fascinating hidden cave – Altınbeşik Cave. We will visit the old village Sarıhacılar famous for it’s traditional ”button houses” and make a short trekking on the old silk road passing through the village.