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Wild, beautiful and mystical Iran is a must see destination offering some of the oldest history, culture, and architecture in the world. Taste the amazing kitchen and feel the welcoming hospitality whilst you absorb yourself in the rich culture, arts and so much more of this humble country. Experience then major attractions of Iran in the main cities of Shiraz, Yazd, Esfahan and Kashan.

Explore the beautiful gardens of Shiraz, learn about ancient Iranian history in Persepolis and the Zoroastrian religion. Get lost in the labyrinth like streets of Yazd, visit the old bazzars of Kashan and walk in the famous Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Esfehan.



Arrival in Shiraz where the driver will be waiting at the airport to transfer to your hotel for check in. ** Please note it is advisable to arrange a flight for evening arrival as it is good to rest before the morning tour. The tour begins after breakfast with a visit to the famed Nasir-Al Molk Mosque known as ‘the pink Mosque’, ‘the mosque of colours’ and many other names describing the unique architecture that is hidden inside what appears to be a conventional mosque from the exterior. Into the heart of the City we visit the famous Vakil Complex which includes agroup of monuments, Karim Khan Citadel, the Vakil Bazar and Vakil Bathhouse. This wonderful combination of historical architecture and culture was built in early 18th century, when Shiraz was the capital of Iran and is one of the most visited places in the City. We will taste the native dessert of Shiraz called the Faloodeh Shirazi, an ancient Persian cold desert which is now a much loved Iranian sweet. In the afternoon you will experience the city of gardens and poetic ambience with a visit to the famed ‘symbol of Persian gardens’ and Hafez Tomb. Listed on the world’s UNESCO heritage sites is the historical Eram Gardens, a world famous spectacular garden and one of the most monumental and historical in Iran. Honoring one of the greatest poets in Iran is the peaceful mausoleum of Hafez’ Tomb, reflecting his pinnacle literature through an ambience of poetry and romantic setting. Ending the City tour with a visit to see the amazing Venetian mirror work of the Ali-Ibn Hamzeh Mausoleum, built in the 19 th Century as a holy shrine. Back to the hotel for the evening, rest and relaxation.


There are two options to choose to visit for this day, Bishapur or Firuzabad.

  1. BISHAPUR – After breakfast we visit Bishapur ancient city which has recently been added to the UNESCO world heritage list, known for its bas-reliefs in the Tang-e Chogan gorge and the ancient ruins of Sassanid archaeological landscape. Much of Bishapur city was built by the Roman soldiers who had been captivated in war. This is a great example of Roman urban architecture and the beautiful Anahita Temple, goddess of water.In the afternoon we drive back to Shiraz to relax for the evening.
  2. FIRUZABAD After breakfast we will drive south of Shiraz to Firuz Abad city located in the Fars province where we visit Sassanid archaeological landscape, UNESCO world heritage site and the first example of Iranian innovation of making a dome over a square hall in Qal’eh Dokhtar Castle and enjoy the Sassanid architecture and the fascinating mosiac work in Ardashir Palace and the ancient city of Gur.In the afternoon drive back to Shiraz and relax for the evening.


In the morning we drive toward Yazd in the north of the Fars province where on the way you will walk through ruins of the magnificent Persepolis, capital of the Persians, Irans’ ancient metropolis and the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid empire. The mysterious Iran has one of the oldest civilization legends of the world and one of the most powerful. We visit the famous Necropolis, the royal rock-cut tombs of the legacy of the Persian kings along with the Sassanid bas relief in Naqsh-e Rostam. In Abarku we visit what is considered to be an Iranian national monument, the ‘4000 year old Sarv-e Abarkuh’, the living cypress tree, which preceded the beginning of human civilization and many believe to be the ‘oldest living thing’ in Asia. We continue driving the beautiful Fars province until we arrive to Zein-o-din Caravanserai, the old circular caravanserai which is literally in the middle of nowhere. It is here we rest before our return drive to the hotel for a relaxed evening in our hotel.


After breakfast our first visit is to one of the oldest and largest bank safe-deposit boxes in Iran and in the world, the fascinating Saryazd Castle. A one-hour drive later we arrive at Yazd, an ancient city where the majority of the Zoroastrians live. Familiarise yourself with the Zoroastrian religion by visiting the Towers of Silence and Fire Temple. After lunch it’s a drive toward Sind Bad desert camp, where we experience walking in the sand dunes, a Safari, camel riding and taking in the amazing sunset of the desert. We will stay for a local evening meal here experiencing the real Iranian kitchen, then retire to our hotel in Yazd for rest and relaxation.


We start the morning with a visit to the water museum and Amir Chakhmaq square, where will we see the longest wind catcher in the beautiful Dowlat Abad Garden on the UNESCO heritage list. Following on from here we head to the fascinating Jameh Mosque where we will have a daily tour through the old town of Yazd, which is also registered as a UNESCO world heritage, famed for wind catchers, Qanats and adobe houses.
After full day of exploration we will rest in the evening.


After breakfast we drive toward Isfahan a city in the central Iran made famous for its Persian architecture. On the route to Isfahan, we will visit Abbasi Complex, which comprises of a Ice house, Pigeon tower and Caravanserai, with a traditional pottery workshop in the Meybod city. After this stop through we continue the drive to Nain, where we will visit Jameh Mosque, an old example of a turning fire temple to the mosque and the underground cotton weaving workshops. Arrival to our destination in the central Iran, Isfahan, where we check-in the evening hotel and rest.


Beginning our day with first visit to Isfahan Sheikh Lotffolah Mosque, Chehel Sotoun Palace, Qeysarieh Bazaar in Isfahan which once was famous as ‘Nesfe Jahan’ meaning half of the world. We spend a full day of exploring this ancient mysterious wonder. Beginning with the Naqsh-e Jahan Square, on the UNESCO heritage, the second Largest old square in the world. It is really inspiring to see the classic Islamic arts in the greatest square of Iran where the king gathered three main components of power in his own like Shah Mosque, the Sheykh Lotfollah Mosque, named so‘the power of clergy’. The Qeysarie Bazar, the power of merchants, Ali Qapu Palace, the power of Shah himself, and the Chehel Sotoun Palace, listed on UNESCO.
In the evening we have arranged a cultural experience with a family dinner at an Iranian family’s host to get acquainted with traditional Persian cuisine and welcoming hospitality.


After breakfast we begin the day with a visit to the Jameh Mosque, which is the museum of architecture of Iran and later became a prototype for Islamic mosques. We will wander along the Armenian quarter of Jolfa and visit the Vank Cathedral and the most original Music museum.In the Music Museum you will find yourself entertained by a traditional piece of Persian music performance. After, a walk along on old historical bridge like Si-o-she pol (thirty three) and Khaju. After our lunch we continue to drive toward a city in the Isfahan province, Kashan. A stop on the way to see Abyaneh, the red village. Early evening we arrive to Kashan where we check-in our hotel for the evening and relax.


After breakfast we begin the last day of our Iranian adventure by visiting the enchanting city of Kashan. Kashan is surprising, a small city which has the most elegant historical houses which presents rich Persian architecture. We visit Tabatabaie and Brujerdi Houses, and the well known lavish Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse with beautiful gold and turquoise mosaic.

Our final visit will be to the Agha Borog Mosque, a perfect example of the unique architecture and to the beautiful Fin Garden, renowned for being the very best of Persian gardens, listed on UNESCO heritage it is a masterpiece of history and one of the most visited attractions in the province. After lunch we will transfer to IKA for your international flight.Depending on your international flight, IBIS hotel at IKA can be booked if required.

PRICE: From 730 Euro – 1100 Euro

(based on the number of people, season and language of guiding)

INCLUDED: airort transfers, private car or bus with driver, private guide, hotels, breakfasts, meal and
accomodation of guide and driver, family dinner, Sindbad desert entrance and catering, Iran SIM card
with 5GB internet (1 per room), refreshments, 2 bottles of water per day
NOT INCLUDED: Visa fee, lunches and dinners, personal expenses, International flight tickets and
entrance fees, tip to drivers and guides.
Shiraz Forough 3Boutique hotel/ Arg 3 Yazd Dad 4/Mozafar 3 Isfahan Setareh 3/ Ghasre Monshi 4 Kashan Negin 3/ Manouchehri 4 IKA IBIS 4*

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