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Our Story

Welcome to VIATOREM Travel, we invite you to get to know us a little better…
We are a family run business based in the delightful tourist town of Side, Manavgat. We have lived for over 20 wonderful years in this ancient historical town of Turkey in the Antalya Province, seeing how it has changed and developed through local business and Tourism over the years. We are a married couple of 24 years with an authentic passion for travelling and have been exploring Turkey and many other destinations going of the beaten track and finding the hidden delights. Our aim is not to become a big travel agency who makes hundreds of tours. Quite opposite, we want to make the right tours at the best time of the year for small groups to give a possibilty for a unique holiday.


I was born in Bergen, Norway and I always loved to travel and began trips to Turkey back in I studied Anthropology, Comparative Religion and English Language and Literature at the University of Bergen and began my Turkish life in 1995 when I moved to Istanbul to work and experience the culture. I met my husband, Baran Can, during his studies at Istanbul University. We moved to Norway whilst I finished my studies and in 1998 we moved back to Turkey, to live in Manavgat where we have made our family home. We have travelled extensively around Turkey through our work and as a result of our passion for the country and the culture. I have worked in many different fields within the tourism sector, as a sworn translator and as a teacher. We founded our Real Estate company in 2003 where I have worked with sales, after sales, translation and private tours. Working in cooperation with local agencies for tours and services we have built a large network of contacts throughout the years and decided to follow our true passion by starting a travel business gaining our A class licence from TURSAB in 2018.


Born and raised in the East of Turkey, I studied Politics and Public Administration at Istanbul University and worked in Tourism during my studies, mainly in city Hotels. In 1995 I met my wife Ingunn, and after my studies were finished we were married and moved to Norway where I studied Norwegian at the University of Bergen. We decided to move back to Turkey in 1998 to Manavgat where the Tourism sector was starting to grow. I studied for a professional tour guide licence in 1999 and have worked guiding professional tours around Turkey, mostly for Scandinavian tourists with several large tour operators. When we founded our Real Estate company in 2003 I continued to work with local agencies for private tours as I just love to travel with guests showing them my fascinating country.

Our Business

Our motivation for starting VIATOREM TRAVEL is our wish of sharing our love for travelling in Turkey and Iran with others. It has been a career and hobby for so many years and we want to use our experience by providing tours that we ourselves, would like to go on.

We have seen so many wonderful places during our years and we just love finding new places off the tourist roads to share with others. The people, the history, the music, the happiness and the sorrows – we want to guide you through the realities of these amazing countries which has played, and will continue to play a very central role in the world.

Turkey has such a rich diversity of culture bridging the continents of Asia and Europe, Here the ancient history and the contemporary cosmopolitan modern lifestyle are all mixed together, it really does ‘have it all’. We could talk for weeks about the best places to visit ause it really does cater for everyone. Even today there is so much of its ancient history still to be explored and uncovered. It is also home to many stunning ‘natural wonders’. The Turkish hospitality reputation is unrivalled and the richness of the Turkish cuisine is renowned around the world for its variety and speciality.

Iran is a unknown country for most people and still not a part of mass tourism. But the country has so much to offer regarding history, architecture, cuisine, music,literature and not at least the friendliness of the people. We believe that quality tourism is a good tool for dialogue and interaction between the countries. It is a way to both learn about the differences as well as to experience how much we all have in common.

Our Goals

>To provide a unique, tailored travel and tour service you can trust.
>To ensure a safe, secure and professional tour service is provided through all of our tours.
>Specialising in small group tours offering a personal service which is specific to your needs.
>To embody the local cultural using local suppliers and connections for real authenticity.
>Promoting value for money tours which are transparent and no hidden ‘shopping tours’
>Stress free holidays with time to feel the place and to get to know local life. We know that new friendships always will be among your best holiday memories.

Connect With Us

Keep in touch and connect with us via social media or by email for updates on all our new tours and to read our Blog posts, we would love you to join our network of guests already experiencing our services.

We welcome your feedback, comments and any suggestions so please do not hesitate to get in touch.